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Getting divorced is a stressful experience in which a person's entire life is changed. Legal concerns regarding marital asset division, child custody, child support and spousal support must be effectively and skillfully resolved. If you are going through a divorce, you want attorneys who will provide you with dedicated legal representation and help ease you through this difficult transition.  Each partner has been assisting clients in Orange County for over 20 years.   By limiting our practice not only to Family Law, but to Orange County as well, we bring the experience and knowledge that is required to practice law in the Orange County Family Law system.  Each county and court is different, you want attorneys who are thoroughly familiar with your court, your judge, and your opposing counsel.  Because of our focus in Orange County Family Law we have that familiarity that benefits our clients.        

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The dissolution process does not have to be difficult or acrimonious.  Individuals involved in the dissolution process can, and should, take hold of their case and make a conscious decision to be fair and equitable.  Such a decision leads to better results for all involved, especially children.  It is well documented that children of divorced couples who work together cope better in their lives going forward than those children of divorce whose parents are acrimonious and difficult. 

Parties are always happier when they make a major decision in their lives rather than having a third party make that decision.  Why allow that to happen at one of the most difficult times of your life by having a Judge decide what is best for your family?  Parties involved in divorce must realize that Judges do not always get the full picture of the family dynamics.  The primary reasons are court rules and a heavy volume in the court system that limits your time in court.  Delays are also a constant that can make a case take substantially longer than everyone, including the Judge and attorneys, would have hoped.  Once you get to court and your case has been litigated, in a great number of cases neither party is particularly happy when the Judge makes the decision about your family.  The parties should be in control of their lives going forward.

We work hard to try to settle your matter and avoid the court process for a client who wants to reach resolution outside of court.  As your attorneys, we advocate on your behalf, but we will also advise when a different approach and decision should be reached.  We prepare for trial along the way but that puts us in a better position to settle the issues favorable to you.